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How exactly is the year of 1900 different from any other year?

Two cross-talk performers find themselves in the most desperate situation in the first year of a new millennium.

Fusing the past and the present, Stan Lai's Cross-talk classic launches 2019 with joy!


Set in Beijing, where the art form of Cross-talk originated, Millennium Teahouse follows the fin de siècle journey of two performers. During their performance, a member of the royal family barges in and that changes the game completely. With puns and jokes they cover serious subjects such as history, humanity, and the imminent doom of the Qing Dynasty. When in the second half of the play they time-travel to modern-day Shanghai, the two performers are once again interrupted and the whole thing turns into a most ridiculous mess. Fusing the past and the present together, Millennium Teahouse offers penetrating observations and commentaries on the cycle of history and life.


Written and Directed by Stan Lai




“Millennium Teahouse is an enchanting reflection on both history and life. All jokes and fun aside, the play also evokes a sense of anxiety and helplessness hidden deep down in our souls.”

– Tao Qingmei


“A brilliant play indeed! Think about it, an ever-going Cross-talk performance on the ruins of a demolished theatre, what a melancholy yet romantic image!”

– Richthofen from


“No one escapes the cycle. Every beginning is also an end. The structure of Millennium Teahouse is absolutely genius and the beginning and the end of the play echo back to each other perfectly, adding to the metaphor of the grand cycle.”

- tmbtmb from